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The SPIN UO in Genova is born from the Innovative and Artificial Materials Laboratory (LAMIA) launched in 1999 by the National Institute for the Physics of the Matter  and it is now the  headquarter of the CNR, National Council of Research SPIN istitute that includes other three  previous CNR-INFM structures: Coherentia (Naples),  SUPERMAT (Salerno) and CASTI (l’Aquila).

Its main location is in Genova Campi, Corso Perrone 24, former national headquarter of INFM , although some laboratories are conveniently located at the Physics and Chemistry departments of Genova University in Via Dodecaneso 31-33. The staff encompasses both CNR personnel and University associates belonging to Genova University

 Its main purpose is the study of innovative materials of high technological impact.

The staff is composed by approx 40 Researchers, approx. 10 Ph.D. students, and 4 technical and administrative employers, which is though continuously changing.

 SPIN Genova has a marked tendency towards technological transfer and direct application of the studied materials. It is basically an interdisciplinary laboratory for the synthesis of new materials and the study of the relevant functional properties.

 The main activities of the laboratory are:

 The affiliated researchers belong both to the physics and chemistry fields and take advantage of long and tested tradition and competence in material science, both as for the processing and as for structural, thermal, electrical, magnetic and transport properties characterization.The theoretical group of mesoscopic physics has multi-years experience in the field of quantum transport and electronic excitations in low dimensional systems and nanostructures.